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Membership Information and How to Join

East Falls residents of any age may join East Falls Village. Village membership is not a lifetime commitment, but is paid by annual dues. Our service area is Kelly Drive to Wissahickon Avenue and Lincoln Drive to Hunting Park.  

Membership - The annual dues for persons who live in our service area are $125 for an individual and $175 for a household. Full members are entitled to services provided by volunteers (rides to appointments and technology assistance). These dues are much lower than many other villages.  Click here to learn about the benefits of membership.  Click here to view and download our membership brochure (PDF).

How to Join –

We also offer Non-resident, Assisted, and Gift Memberships. For more information on these types of memberships, please email
or call the membership chair at 215-848-9164.

  • Non-resident Memberships - Persons who do not live within our service area (Kelly Drive to Wissahickon Avenue and Lincoln Drive to Hunting Park) may join, but are not entitled to volunteer services (rides or technology help). Non-resident dues are $75 for an individual and $100 for a household.

  • Assisted Memberships – A person who is unable to pay the full membership fee may apply for an Assisted Membership by emailing or calling 215-848-9164. Application for these memberships is confidential.

  • Gifts of Membership – To give a membership (or a gift certificate towards a membership) for a family member, neighbor, or friend, email or call 215-848-9164.

Additional Contributions are welcome, and help support the Assisted Membership Fund. Any amount in excess of the basic dues may be considered tax-deductible. Sustaining Memberships ($300) and Sponsoring Memberships ($500) are also available.