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Program Handouts
Click the links below to view documents from special EFV programs
From "Container Gardening 101" program

How Not to Get Scammed
Our Tech team presented a session on recognizing and avoiding scams - whether email, phone, or text.  CLICK HERE for their slide show (PDF).  And CLICK HERE for many useful online resources.

Presented November 10, 2023

We've collected the YouTube recordings of more than a dozen Zoom presentations, and put them on a new page.  Click the button to see them. Take me to the Re-Zoom page!

How to Listen to a Good Book
This event at the Falls Library introduced us to the Libby app, which gives library users access to audiobooks, as well as other library holdings. Click these links to view Drew Birden's Introduction to Libby and Mary Flournoy's guide to Using Libby.

Decluttering Tips
On August 12,2022 Beth Hymel gave a very useful presentation on decluttering. Click here to view the two handouts:
Decluttering and Organizing Tips 
Donating and Consigning

Note: These handouts are slightly revised from the handouts given out at the program.

Easy Peasy – Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Click the title above to see where to buy the gadgets that the Jefferson U. occupational therapy students told us about.  Also, click here for "Shopping Guide: Things to Look for in a Product." Click here to view the video of the presentation.

Smart Technology for Your Home and Health

The occupational therapy graduate students gave an informative presentation on all sorts of devices to make your life better and safer- smart thermostats, security systems, medication managers, and more. You can download the handout or view the YouTube recording by clicking on the links.

Aging Eyes and Low Vision Aids

An overview on the presentation on Aging Eyes and Low Vision Aids by Kylie Auman, D.O.

Work Out to Prevent the Fall Out (or Fall Down)

Another presentation by the occupational therapy students, as they led us through easy exercises to improve balance and strength. Have a sturdy chair before starting the video (one hour). You may also find the handout helpful. 

Arlen Specter: Policy before Party 

Evan Laine, MA, JD is the Faculty Director of the Arlen Specter Center at Jefferson University. In this Zoom presentation (55 minutes), he described a defining event in Specter's political career- his decision to break with his party and support the Obama stimulus package after the collapse of the housing market.  

Queen Lane Water Treatment Plant Handouts

Click here for handouts explaining the water filtration system we toured.
Philadelphia Water Use Cycle, Drinking Water Districts, Drinking Water Treatment, Water Treatment Vocabulary

Need a Lyft? Ride Sharing Options  

From the program on Lyft, Uber, and GoGoGrandparent presented by Sue Burnett

Your Best Balance Workshop

Information and instructions on how the techniques presented by Chris McKenzie, DPT, of McKenzie Sports Physical Therapy. 

Cybersecurity: Keeping Yourself Safe Online

From the December 11, 2017 program presented by Katrina Boyer, Consumer Outreach Liaison from PA Department of Banking and Securities.  Also chec
k out Liar Liar - Crooks, Cons and Scams, a collection of cautions and warnings from the Weekly Update.

Zucchini Shrimp Tomato Sauce Recipe from Cooking with Franco
Zucchini Shrimp Tomato Sauce Recipe

From the "Cooking with Franco" program at Fiorino's on November 8, 2016


Be A Better Health Care Advocate

Notes from the October 8, 2014 program presented by Nora Cowell of the Visiting Nurse Association and Mary Fallon of UUH Outreach Program


Decluttering Notes

From the November 2012 program presented by Trudy Donnon of Blue Ribbon Packing Service


Resources for Decluttering

From the April 2014 program presented by Therese Comyns of Here To Home


Planning Ahead: Making it easier for the rest of us

Roger Marsh's presentation at the November 2015 program, "Advance Directives and other End-of-Life Decisions"


Living Will Declaration and Designation of Health Care Surrogate and Agent

From the November 2015 program on Hospice Care presented by Bonnie Koletas of the Visiting Nurse Association


Container Gardening 101

Notes from the May 13, 2014 program given by Christina Spolsky of Beau Soleil Gardens